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New limited edition prints at The Bircham Gallery

Two new works from my upcoming Curiosity Cabinets series are now showing in The Bircham Gallery Christmas Show in the Georgian town of Holt, Norfolk until Wednesday 30th November. The prints are available as a short run of limited editions on Hahnemühle Fine Art Papers and are exclusive to the gallery. read more ›

Oystercatcher series completed

The Oystercatcher series of 10 images features the bold, confident bird in group and solo settings in flight formations, on sea, and on land. Now in the portfolios section. read more ›

Oystercatcher flock returning to rest

This Summer has produced some stunning sunsets over the North Sea. Some delicate, clear skied and smokey and others riots of clashing clouds, colours and shades. This image references one of the calmer sunsets as Oystercatchers return to rest as the day closes. read more ›

Oystercatchers over the creeks

Posturing and darting Oystercatchers over the creeks at Blakeney on the North Norfolk coast. The otherworldly landscape of the creeks between dry land and sea belongs to the birds, and they know it. read more ›

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Ever changing moods. 30 minutes on Weybourne beach pt3 #weybourne #30minutes #newsky

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